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8 thoughts on “ Wound Fetish - Cannibalism - History Of Extinction (Cassette)

  1. Akisar
    The cassette features spoken word by William Bennett (Come/Whitehouse) over industrial music. The music on side A is by an unknown artist. The music on side B is by Maurizio Bianchi and was used without his permission. The cassette is in a standard Come Organisation cover with white labels on the tape. Some copies are titled "Cannibalism".
  2. Jusar
    The Celtic cannibalism is an example of magic or mystical cannibalism – the attempt to get magical power by consuming human remains. Cannibalism may have persisted until as late as AD in Roman Britain. Attacotti, an ancient history, writes that marauders who invaded and devastated the island between may have practiced cannibalism.
  3. Kegis
    European history, for instance, is filled with instances of shipwrecked crews and passengers who resorted to cannibalism—even if it meant murdering someone.
  4. Akimi
    Cannibalism in poultry is the act of one individual of a poultry species consuming all or part of another individual of the same species as food. It commonly occurs in flocks of domestic hens reared for egg production, although it can also occur in domestic turkeys, pheasants and other poultry species. Poultry create a social order of dominance known as pecking order.
  5. Fenrilar
    Jun 29,  · Every so often we hear horrifying stories of modern day cannibalism. In , a naked man attacked and ate the face of a homeless man in acaturbersatedalrabelkestdopptos.xyzinfo same year, a .
  6. Tesar
    Europe’s Hypocritical History of Cannibalism From prehistory to the present with many episodes in between, the region has a surprisingly meaty history of humans eating humans.
  7. Balkree
    Sep 06,  · A behavioral scientist from Sweden named Magnus Soderlund argued in a recent presentation that the way to combat climate change, save the .
  8. Tomi
    Cannibalism: It's 'Perfectly Natural,' A New Scientific History Argues: The Salt It's gruesome, but from a scientific standpoint, there's a predictable calculus for when humans and animals go.

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