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  1. Nijinn
    A fever is a rise in body temperature. It's usually a sign of infection. The fever itself is generally harmless and probably helpful. Fevers usually don't need treatment.
  2. Gardamuro
    Fever is the result of your immune system's response to a foreign invader. These foreign invaders include viruses, bacteria, fungi, drugs, or other toxins. These foreign invaders are considered fever-producing substances (called pyrogens), which trigger the body's immune response.
  3. Shaktijin
    Aug 28,  · The fever is persistent when the body temperature stays in this range for more than 2 weeks. A fever is commonly a result of the body trying to fight off an infection or another illness.
  4. Shat
    May 05,  · A person has a fever if their body temperature rises above the normal range of 98–°F (36–37°C). It is a common sign of an infection. As a person’s body temperature increases, they may Author: Yvette Brazier.
  5. Yozshule
    Fever, abnormally high body temperature. Fever is a characteristic of many different diseases. It is most often associated with infection but is also observed in other pathologic states, such as cancer. Mild or moderate fevers cause weakness or exhaustion, whereas high fevers may cause convulsions and death.
  6. Akinolar
    2. any of various diseases in which high temperature is a prominent symptom, as scarlet fever or rheumatic fever. 3. intense nervous excitement: in a fever of anticipation.
  7. Guramar
    Fever is also known as hyperthermia, pyrexia, or elevated temperature. It describes a body temperature that’s higher than normal. Fever can affect children and adults. A short-term increase in body Author: Krista O'connell.
  8. Moshicage
    Fever is considered a temperature above degrees F (38 degrees C). A feverish sensation, however, may occur when the body temperature is above the average normal of degrees F. (37 degrees C). Fever is part of the body's own disease-fighting arsenal.
  9. Meztijora
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